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Welcome to “Pawn to Princess”, the empowering board dedicated to uplifting women and celebrating their Attempts, Advancements and Achievements! Acknowledging the limitless potential of women which is strong enough to create a tremendous positive global impact, Pawn to Princess - Women Empowerment Board  [P2P WEB] gladly rolls out a supportive platform for women of all ages to succeed personally and professionally. With our resourceful frameworks in the domains of Education, Skill Development, Employment, Economic Empowerment, Ethics and Social Growth, P2P supports each woman on every step of life's journey. As a trustworthy instrument in establishing the Powerful Kingdom of Potential Queens, Pawn to Princess, Women Empowerment Board’s aims and activities extend .

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Pawn to Princess

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Pawn to Princess

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Pawn to Princess

The Pawn to Princess Emporium is a platform that celebrates and supports women... more 

P2P raises women to rise to throne and rule! 

Rationale behind  "Pawn to Princess"

Our board name ‘Pawn to Princess’ (P2P) symbolizes the women’s Powerful Journey of Transformation from the position of PAWN that may be undervalued, overlooked and considered as disadvantageous to that of  PRINCESS where one achieves full potential, proficiency, confidence and self-worth. Through meticulously designed projects, Pawn to Princess WEB lifts the ability of women to move beyond their initial circumstances just like a pawn on the chessboard being promoted to the powerful piece, Queen. P2P helps women to reclaim their identities and emerge as empowered elements in all aspects of life. 

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Core Belief of "Pawn to Princess"

Pawn to Princess strongly believes that ‘Every Pawn is a Potential Queen’ and so through supportive initiatives we strive to create a favourable ground where every woman’s INNER QUEEN is unleashed and productive governance is set up.

Dear Women, Remember 

You are STRONG ;

You are CAPABLE ; and

You DESERVE all the opportunities that come your way ! 

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Together we can empower each other and positively transform the world beyond . . .

CHESS  is LIFE in miniature, 

a game of infinite possibilities 

where every move matters!

To WIN it, make a determined move with P2P !   I   I   50 Thevarpuram Road, Thoothukudi - 628003   I   7397701727