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‘Pawn to Princess’ (P2P) Women Empowerment Board (WEB) is an empowering board launched by a team of educators and volunteers who believe that every woman has the inherent ability to become the queen of her own life; With our programmes and activities across varied domains, focusing on the upliftment of women in all aspects, P2P is committed to creating a supportive space where women of all ages progress holistically.

P2P WEB is for...

Women of  ALL AGE GROUPS and from  ALL WALKS OF LIFE are invited to P2P to redefine their lifestyles. Whether you are a girl child looking to build your skill set or a teenage girl wanting career opportunities or a woman seeking personal growth and professional support, or a chance to connect with like-minded individuals to upgrade further, then P2P is a perfect place to fit in ! We help you break down the barriers within you and the space outside and rewrite your narratives. Our undertakings aim to create a world where every woman can realize her true potential and shine brightly as the queen she is meant to be.

Our Vision

‘Pawn to Princess’ envisions a society where women are equipped with the Skillset, Professionalism, Economic Independence, Optimistic Attitude, Productive Lifestyle and are empowered holistically.

Our Mission

The mission is to foster Personal growth, Professional development and Holistic enhancement among women, enabling them to thrive in all aspects of life. P2P offers supportive platforms and resources which women need to create positive change in their own lives as well as in the world beyond.

Our Approach

‘Pawn to Princess’ Women Empowerment Board designs its projects and activities centring on the HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT of women. For better life experiences we ensure that their development is across the three domains - 

a PAWN's journey to the eighth rank is a tale of...



Strategic Thinking





Growth Mindset

...Climaxing in the Coronation of a QUEEN ! ! !

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